Technical consultancy for house buyers

Technical consultancy – Contents of the survey will be tailored


In service provided the present condition of the building is surveyed. Also the needs for repairs are specified. The repairs needed are collected in the report, and the report itself can be utilized as a building management plan.

For example, following areas of inspection are included in provided service:

  • roof
  • chimneys
  • flues
  • attic floor
  • facade
  • partition walls
  • bearing walls
  • foundation
  • ground floor
  • ground shapes around the building
  • wet rooms
  • gutters and rainwater drainage system
  • electrical systems
  • report written in English

Contents of the survey will be tailored to suit building in question.

If an observations made during the survey indicates that there might be internally damaged structure, our service includes structural openings to check the condition of structures in question.

The assessments are always carried out by an expert. We report the outcome of the survey in PDF-form, which will be sent to a customer via E-mail. And if questions arise according to contents of the report, we will be more than happy to clarify the contents to you.

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